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Kylyra - Lyrics Index

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The First and Second releases from Kylyra are instrumental and have no lyrics. Lyrical songs from the Fourth and Sixth releases are included in the Fifth and/or Seventh.

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Third album - Ishtar's Ascent

The lyrics of 'Ishtar's Ascent' are presented as a playbill, including lyrics, poems and dialogue (note: the track, 'Lost Souls' contains the dialogue of demons tormenting the main character and is not transcribed here.) Read Playbill for Ishtar's Ascent

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Fifth album - Red Book

2.) In the Land of Death and Joy 2004, 5.) My Demons Inside, 8.) Spider,

11.) Ezrazellda, 14.) In the Land of Death and Joy (Valhalla mix)

All other songs on 'Red Book' are instrumentals.

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Seventh album - VOX

1.) The Lizard King, 2.) Hip Modern Girl, 3.) It's Different for the Boys, 4.) A Cup of Hope,

5.) Epik, 6.) In the Land of Death and Joy- 21st Century, 7.) Deadline, 8.) Mindfire,

9.) Wag on Demand, 10.) Call To Dark, 11.) Invisible Threads

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