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Research on Herb Uses

the World of Herbs

These site pages contain information on 39 herbs, including herbal tea recipes, medical herb uses and preparations.

School of Music

Music Theory:
The Language
of Sound

Featuring charts and tables about Music Theory and how it relates to a standard tuned guitar and bass.

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MP3s from 1993

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Art - Photography

Oscar Ameringer
Memorial Gallery

Art - Paintings

the Paintings of
KarrArikh Tor

PEXA - Art Salon

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Fiction Stories & Poetry

The Written Word

The Written Word is the site of writer K. Kylyra Ameringer, including short stories, poetry, and information about her first full length novel, The Demon of Petty Disturbances: Doh-da.

More writer links, stories and poetry can be found on the Literature Index.

Tronaugh, The Demon of
Petty Disturbances and DT,
the demon in training

The Demon of Petty Disturbances

the rough draft of the original short story that introduces the characters Tronaugh and DT.

True Blue Lou

a new demon story to enjoy.


the fictional demonic internet social site for HELL

The Demon of Petty
Disturbances: Doh-da
the first Tronaugh novel

about the novel

Demon Stories Synopsis

sample reading

other Non-Fiction Articles

Mythos Community
Library - Isle of Erato
Non-Fiction articles

with Film History and more

Music - Lyrics

Infinisynth lyrics

Deemed Psychotic lyrics

More Lyrics can be found on Artist profile pages.

Welcome to Dark World International
darkworld.com - artist owned
featuring music, literature and art

online since 1996, last updated 19 September 2018

You are about to enter the retro mazes of darkworld.com, home of Dark World International Artists and their music, including lyrics, videos and Free MP3s on Artist Profiles, and a link across the universe to the Dark World mazes on the Planet Mythos, featuring art galleries and literature from Dark World Artists and friends. Site includes; The Written Word featuring literature by K. Kylyra Ameringer, The World of Herbs with herb information and uses, Music Theory: The Language of Sound - School of Music with music theory for guitarists and bass guitarists, and the Oscar Ameringer Memorial Gallery. Darkworld.com is an artist owned and operated website.

Artist News

2018 News

Dark World International has teamed up with Rotterdam playwright Marlo Kern to produce her Transmission Trilogy. Rotterdam English Speaking Theatre is currently rehearsing this Lovecraftian horror play, and Dark World International has volunteered to produce the sound effects needed to thrill and terrify audiences. Kern's work is scheduled to premiere in both the Netherlands and the U.S. in 2019.

KarrArikh Tor (from Infinisynth) is finalizing his book, Music Theory: The Language of Sound written for guitar and bass. An abridged reference book is also being designed. This amazing work demystifies guitar and bass in a straightforward, easy to read manner. Full color graphics tie the guitar and bass to each other and to the keyboard. A must have for any band member. Soon to be released in the Netherlands.

Kylyra is rehearsing with Rotterdam English Speaking Theatre for Marlo Kern's Transmission Trilogy. "Audiences are going to love this," according to Kylyra. "This is theatre for people who don't like theatre. We've got action, horror, excitement, thrills, and chills. Kern's story is amazing, and every single one of us were scared at the read through." Blue Whale, UVB-76, and Pioneer Ten are scheduled to premiere in Rotterdam in April 2019.

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KarrArikh Tor is busy updating darkworld.com to accommodate the new https Home page. We will be keeping the mazes online but have reduced the number of MP3 downloads in Dark World IMPs. Thanks to Factory93 for the new tech friendly front pages.

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Ad for the novel by K. Kylyra Ameringer

Doh-da banner
learn more about the full length novel
featuring Tronaugh, The Demon of Petty Disturbances

Artist Music Profiles

Quick Links to Music Profiles with discography, lyrics and more

Infinisynth, Kylyra, Deemed Psychotic, Johnny M, KyPoetry, Future Dialogue, Milwaukee's Black Orchid, Stygian Tars, (DJ) Dream Quest, Tor's Angst, TechnoKy. Profiles featuring various performers; Dark World IMPs, Jam for the Dead, NIN Remixes

Music downloads

Free recordings to download can be found on every Artist Music Profile. All Artist Profiles can be accessed on Audio index. When viewing a profile, just click on the 'Free MP3s' link in the left Navigation box.

Free MP3s - downloads of the Month


from Infinisynth

download MP3 arrow Rain

download MP3 arrow Empty Pages


from Kylyra

download MP3 arrow Invisible Threads

download MP3 arrow Yesterday's Dream of Blonde Hash

Johnny M Gayzmonic

from Johnny M Gayzmonic

download MP3 arrow Siberia
(The 'Tell Her That Stephen Called' mix)

download MP3 arrow Siberia
(Liquid BPM Elemental Trance mix)