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KyPoetry - Lyrics

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lyrics and music written by Kylyra

from the album 'Purple'

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My mother lives inside my head

though she's been dead these many years.

She did her 'mother thing' when I decided

I'd be delighted and put up with

taking my shoes off at the airport

and lose a few days of sheep scandal

to make the ramble over here:

'You'd better be prepared. you've shared

your work with them now, though how

you're going to pull it off live is a mystery to me.

But you got yourself into this can of worms,

now you have to earn their respect.

They'll expect a lot from you,

so write some new material -

not your usual ethereal stuff -

and have some extra on hand

in case they demand an encore.'

'They won't ask for more! I'll be lucky if

I don't bore them to tears. It's just my fears

talking, I know, but do you really

think it's so amazing they'll be

praising it the next day? That reaction

is reserved for a fraction of performers;

those greats we all aspire to. I'm the new

kid on the block; they won't flock to hear hear me.

I don't deserve it.'

'They might throw you a curve;

are you ready to think on your feet?

Do the meet and greet thing

when we both know you're terrible with names and faces;

the places you've been and the people you've forgotten!

Still, you might do well and be the belle of the ball

as long as you don't fall on your ass.

Just grab the brass ring; go for the gold.

You are getting older, you know,

and if you want to make a big splash

you'd better be brash enough

to put yourself out there.'

I swear she was at it for days

til I was as crazed as a teenager

with a spot getting ready for a hot

night of adolescent exploration in

the back of a parked car. We slung

words at each other that hung in my brain

like that insanely stupid song

'don't worry, be happy'

with it's sappy little melody.

Enough of that, now.

So I sweated as I fettered out

a few more lines to fill the time

with rhyme that might amuse.

I doubted that I'd use it;

I feared I'd need to lose it from my set.

Yet, here I am, giving you more.

You did ask for an encore.

Don't get me wrong, it's been a long time

to reach this dizzying height...

But why, oh why, people, did

you have to prove my mother right?

Now she'll never shut up.

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