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KyPoetry - Lyrics

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To Claim Ignorance

lyrics and music written by Kylyra

from the album 'Purple'

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This is the shortest list in history.

Not a list

At all -

How can you make a list

Of nothing?

All we know

Or think we know

Is nothing

In the tides of time.

Every moment

Every breath

Brings a myriad

Of futures

Spider web fashioned;

Lines thick as hemp rope

Anchoring a ship

Lines as ethereal as a borealis

Sinuously twisting in the air.

Which moment

Which breath

Will you choose?

In the end

I know nothing

But futures,

Possibilities moulded by probabilities.

The now exists

Only as an encapsulated pill

Of decision.

In that moment of decision

Arises uncertainty.

Uncertainty unerringly points

To ignorance.

To claim ignorance,

I know nothing.

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