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KyPoetry - Lyrics

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Little pains

lyrics and music written by Kylyra

from the album 'Purple'

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This is the canvas

Our time is painted on.

Little pains

Fill the picture

Ghosting flowers

To dried patina

Their sweetness forgotten,

Their scent lost.

This is just

A little pain,

A bump of dried colour.

My picture is full

Of little bumps,

Little pains.

I can feel them

On my skin,

Warty growths

Sprouting like mushrooms,

Making me ugly.

I want to burn them away

To sear them away

In flame

And ice;

Give me a surgeon's knife

I'll cut them away,

My little pains.

My little pains.


No, let me be possessive!

Let me own

My little pains,

My little bumps.

I'll keep them

And shove my face into yours



Look at my pain!'

Behold me

In my ugliness;

Now tell me

That you still love me.

You can't,

Can you?

Another little bump,

Little pain.


Under their blossoming

Until I am nothing

But the little bumps,

Little pains.

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