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KyPoetry - Lyrics

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lyrics and music written by Kylyra

from the album 'Purple'

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Does your boy

slide in cool and slick

and tease you to chocolate

ice cream fantasies

as you stand in the door?

Is that one-nighter

with dark hair and flashing eyes

a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am

no jam in the morning type?

Hot lover

burn your mouth jalapeno peppers?

And does sweat pour off your body

to dampen the crisp cotton sheets

as he pumps his love into you?

Is this love girl?

Is this love?

Can he blow your doors out

make you see God

with a primeval yell

that rips

at your delicate throat muscles?

I know.


leaping rushes of desire

driving to a mad frenzy -

every ounce of strength

to rip his back to shreds,

left to bleed.

But then it's gone.

This isn't love, girl.

This isn't love.

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