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Jam for the Dead - Biography

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For as many years as Dark World has sponsored and promoted free-style musical jam sessions by our artists we still get the same questions. What's it all about? Why do you do this?.

Dark World has long been noted as a unique independent music industry entity. Surviving for over a decade, we've created tremendous artist and fan loyalty due to our continued commitment to artistic endeavors over commercial success. With our primary focus on the health and happiness of our artists, we recognised long ago that sometimes musicians just need to let loose in the studio. To that end, we created and sponsored our jam sessions.

Rooted in a firm belief that music is created from tonal noise rather than traditional restrictive music theories on sound, Dark World used the jazz element of improvisation (the ability to create new music spontaneously) as a basis for these sessions. Leaving our artists unrestricted as to what they would do and opening the studio to friends and guests of our artists brought non-mainstream genre influences such as noise, experimental, and avant-garde to the jams. Working with (or without) syncopation and electronic equipment, our artists managed to create their own crossover styles.

The unedited, uncut recordings were released as limited runs under the names 'Jam for the Dead' and 'Dark World IMPs'. Jam for the Dead was the name used for Samhain sessions, set-up by Dark World in the late Ninties. This was expanded to include a winter session titled Ice Chronicles, and DIE4myB-DAY sessions. All other sessions fall under the name Dark World IMPs. Many early Dark World IMPs appeared in J.A.Bohr's video series.

Meat Jam is a collection of some of the very best of these musical jam sessions. Edited and mastered by J.A.Bohr this iTunes digital release includes performances from Dark World artists Kylyra, KarrArikh Tor, Spike and J.A.B., as well as several studio guests and friends. Spanning over a decade of recordings, Meat Jam is a 14 track gem-packed release for all Dark World fans.

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