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Infinisynth - Video Index

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Infinisynth - Music Videos

New videos by KarrArikh Tor for the album, Spiral Default 2013

Immortal, Soundwaves II

Excerpts from the Ennui Entertainment series, Dark World presents

Heavy Hit, Wasser I, II, III, Old Hannover, Sonic Crunch, Wolken

Slideshows for songs from the album, Shadow and Shade,
featuring paintings by KarrArikh Tor

Rain, Dreams

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Infinisynth - Still Videos

Fifth album - default

1.) To Die For, 2.) Railing on the Stairs, 3.) Rathaus III, 4.) Warrior, 5.) Sonic Crunch,

6.) Wasser I, II, III, 7.) autobahn, 8.) Speed, 9.) Desolation,

10.) Of Miracles and Madness, 11.) fragen, 12.) Reign on Hunter

Sixth album - reload

1.) Insanity, 2.) Dreamlord, 3.) Machine, 4.) Into the Darkness,

5.) Environmental Programmer, 6.) Heavy Hit, 7.) Old Hannover,

8.) Mirrors/Unheimlich unt Seltsam, 9.) Oma, 10.) Empty, 11.) Documentary,

12.) Power, 13.) power machine - reprise (mix for the muses)

These are single cover image videos, allowing fans and visitors to listen to full length versions of songs from Infinisynth.

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