History of Express Events

Express Events was an Irish Charity which engaged in activities beneficial to the community. The West Cork Region, in particular the Sheeps Head Peninsula, is still in desperate need of festivals that are local and offer a wide variety of art forms for free and/or reasonably priced admission, featuring all ages events, cultural diversity and platforms for unpublished/unsigned artists.

Express Events was dedicated to providing local festivals and events celebrating various art forms, encouraging the participation of children and young adults in the arts, supporting new and emerging artists in alternative genre art forms, and providing cultural opportunities to the West Cork region for free and/or reasonably priced admission. It ran two years of free events, including Kids Express and Poets Express. Recordings from Kids Express and Poets Express have been released digitally on-line, free of charge to the public (see "recordings - Kids Express" and "recordings - Poets Express" in left column). Express Events closed in October 2013 due to lack of funds.

Exclusive Special Episodes have been aired on An Lar TV